What we're opening our doors again?!?!

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What we're opening our doors again?!?! Empty What we're opening our doors again?!?!

Post by Tsuki on Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:20 pm

So as everybody has known (even if you don't know us)
The Jap club has officially and unofficially hide itself from the school, becoming what the year 12 keep as their secret base from noise and the like... to study (sort of X3)

Since from group discussions and Mr G saying how some people were interested in what we do. We may open for people to join. I bet that we (i mean um... they) just want silent C13...

However this is still in the deciding period (especially the date)
Since nobody would really care about this in their main i could go on for eternity until maybe somebody reads this.

For no have fun and hope to see you soon guys XD

PS: if your here for free aircon or just to bludge and do your own thing i might close the doors for good until after HSC... Then i'll the fun really begin hehehe (damn i want FLOP and muck up day...oops)

What we're opening our doors again?!?! 14nim1d
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